Spring City, PA

We’ve been thinking about doing something permanent to allow us to use our south facing deck on the rear of our home. The composite deck would get so hot in the summer sun you couldn’t stand to be on it even after sunset. We found the local rep at a home show displaying a porch roof and a couple of slide up windows. I asked if they could do what I was looking for and they showed me a collection of photos, one of which was exactly as I envisioned. The Natural Light product we chose lets most of the light in through the roof while blocking a good percentage of the long wave or heat radiation from the sun. We set an appointment up in February knowing we couldn’t do anything immediately, but asked that we wait until later in the summer until we could pull the funding together. They were extremely patient and asked only for a down payment to have the enclosure designed. They worked well with our our strict township code officer and delivered a wonderful custom product. Thank you Charlie and Joe for your hard work and professionalism; it was installed during the hottest part of the summer and they worked tirelessly. We are very pleased with our investment in Natural Light Patio Covers.