N.E. Philly

My experience with Natural Patio Light Covers could not have been better. It was one of the best decisions of my life to choose to purchase their product, a product that provides the equivalent of, and if not greater, strength and stability of a traditional shingle roof, with the advantage of providing natural sunlight to shine through with UV ray protection. I had intended to purchase a traditional shingle roof and fortunately I learned of the Natural Light Patio Covers company, and feel so fortunate that I now have a Patio Cover with tremendous stability and strength, and the advantage of having natural sunlight coming through, instead of a much, much darker space which I would have had with a traditional shingle roof. The light even extends into the house, into the room adjacent to the patio. Lastly, I cannot praise the quality of worksmanship enough among the craftsman involved in the project. Their extreme care, attention to detail, and literally striving to make the finished project as perfect as possible, was something that, as a consumer, I could not have appreciated more, and will never forget.