Spa Enclosures

Natural Light Patio Covers Spa Enclosures are the answer to the aggravation of having to shovel snow from your tub or spa, and chilling winds that make you stay indoors. Designed to withstand both snow and wind loads, our Spa Enclosures feature multiple structural design options to enhance your private retreat.

Many customers have shared that the enjoyment of their spa has improved significantly with the use of spa enclosures, and protecting their investment has had a positive impact on product longevity and operating costs.

Spa enclosures can feature glass or an acrylic wall system – a cost-effective solution to create a beautiful outdoor room.

Key features:

  • Designed to withstand snow and wind.
  • Enhances the spa experience
  • UV blockage reduces cover damage
  • Wind protection reduces heating costs
  • Effective if closed partially or completely, depending on preference