Our  Natural Light Patio Covers are one step away from being enclosed, and many of our clients enclose them well after the roof is built. There is no added cost for building the enclosure later and there are a number of options to enclose them all with different advantages and price points. Ask us which of these options works best for you, we also offer room enclosures. These enclosures can be used in combination with both the ‘classic’ or ‘cathedral’ style patio covers. We can also add this product to one of our previously installed patio covers.

Panoramic Room

for-siteYour home is your own personal piece of art.

Get the latest in luxury living with our Panoramic room! Create a fully unobstructed view of your natural surroundings using our frameless retractable glazing system.  Celebrate with friends and family in the spacious comfort of the outdoors. This will become your new favorite room in your home!



Scenic Room

Tempered glass optionHome Sweet Home.

A slight upgrade from the Landscape room, our Scenic room offers you an unobstructed view using our frameless retractable glazing system in combination with our shatterproof, ‘memory vinyl’ panels. This gives you a touch of luxury for those on a tighter budget.




Landscape Room

Eze-Breeze NLPC Photo (11)There’s no place like home.

An affordable alternative to your typical sunroom does exist. Our shatterproof, ‘memory vinyl’ panels create an attractive enclosure that gives your outdoor space an airy cottage feeling. Built with vertical 4-track panels, backed with a fixed screen, it allows for 75% ventilation while keeping all critters out.