Balcony Enclosures

Imagine expanding your home to the great outdoors

Lumon has done thousands of High Rise Condominium balconies over 30 years.

Breathe new life into your balcony while getting the latest in luxury living.

Lumon’s retractable glass brings something extra and unique to your life. It can transform an unused space into something you’ve always dreamed of…

Would you like to enjoy breakfast on your balcony without the chilly winds? Imagine having a dinner party on your balcony, in the company of your friends, without being disturbed by the rain.

Lumon’s retractable glass allows you to transform your open space into a well- protected refuge that invites you to spend more and more of your precious leisure time there, and not to mention the decorating possibilities.

It will keep rain, snow, wind, dust and birds away from your balcony. It protects your balcony’s inner surfaces and structures, which means less maintenance and repairs. It also reduces noise and saves on energy.

Lumon’s retractable glass is unrivaled for its style, price, appearance, functionality and user-friendliness. It is a secure and long-lasting solution which means increased safety for those living on the lowest floors of buildings.